How Does the Right Lighting Fixtures Improve Your Space?

How Does the Right Lighting Fixtures Improve Your Space?

on February 10th, 2020

How does the right lighting fixtures improve your space?


As we established before in the previous article (, lighting is very important in enhancing space and shaping it according to the function of the space. Essentially, lighting is the ‘soul’ of the space.


With that in mind, it is important to choose the right lighting fixtures. There are a few things to consider, which commonly comes down to wattage, shape, and function of the fixtures.


But there are other considerations that sometimes gets overlooked or not commonly understood altogether, such as the lumen output of the lights, beam angle, and glare rating of the fixtures.


So, the right, or wrong, lighting fixtures can frame your space in a certain way.


How much of a difference can it be? It’s just lights in the end of the day, it’s not going to be that significant


You would be surprised of how a good lighting design, an appropriate lighting fixture placement, and selection can make a difference.


Imagine you’re sitting in the living room pictured below. Like its name, a living room is a place to enjoy the company of each other and have a lively moment with your loved ones. It is supposed to be a warm and inviting space, a place to wind down and relax.


But it is visible that the inappropriate lighting fixture of the living room frames this space into a dull and cold environment. Too much brightness and a glaring bright spot on the floor doesn’t make it any better. The color temperature selection of the lights also weighs into the general feeling of inhospitality and rigidness of the space.



Figure 1 Living room before optimization


Our team in BLOX ltd. is ready to push the limits to improve the overall ambiance by using minimum changes to the existing light points without removing any of it, since it’s proven to be difficult and costly.


What was done is retrofitting the existing light fixtures to a more appropriate fixtures according to the function of the space. Warmer color temperature for the lighting fixture does wonders to build a much more intimate environment for the space.


Using SPARK DL 8228-05 as downlights turns the previously dull space into a warmer, inviting space. The adjustability of SPARK DL 8228-05 makes it a versatile tool in shaping the space how you want it to be. Discover all the possibilities and amplify your current space with SPARK DL 8228-05 (


Figure 2 Living room before (left) and after (right) optimization

Figure 3 SPARK DL 8228-05