Office lighting to improve your productivity
By BLOX, November 2nd, 2020
Office lighting to improve your productivity

There’s a lot of factors that could add to someone’s productivity, especially in an office setting. Whether it’s the tools you use for working, the chair you use while you work, or the light setting of the office. Here, we’re gonna share a few things to note in order to improve your office lighting, whether home office or for your office establishments. 

B.S.R Group Office by RUST Architects 

Photo by: Office Snapshots

Maximize on natural lighting. The easiest, cheapest, and the best kind of lighting is almost always natural lighting because other than it could improve our mood and productivity, it also provides a nice uniform light to work on. If your existing office’s environment supports you to, use as much natural lighting as possible by placing desks near windows and plan your layout around natural lighting. Keep in mind about the glare from the sun so it doesn’t affect your work.

Photo by: DFor Design Style

Use task lighting. Task lighting could be a simple desk lamp, or a pendant light above your desk, or any kind of designated lighting that you put on your working area, to help you have a supporting light source that helps you see better on what you’re working on.

Photo by: Hubbel Lighting

Pay attention to ambient lighting. An adequate amount of ambient lighting is important to make sure that the light contrast between the task and surrounding area is not too great. If you have a room that has too great of a contrast between the task area and surrounding area, your eyes will get tired more quickly.

Photo by: Dezaart Lighting

Try to eliminate glare. Glares are bad for your eyes because it makes your eyes uncomfortable to see your task, thus making your eyes more likely to get tired, or just straight up makes it impossible to see your task. Glares usually occur because of too much light, or excessive light contrast. Too much light, such as the natural light coming from the sun, can cause a significant glare. This can be avoided by putting some shading and a good placement of windows. Meanwhile, excessive contrast can be avoided by having a well-put ambient lighting and light control systems such as dimming system to properly control the contrast of brightness in the room.

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