Bloxlimited Rental Lighting

Blox Rental Lighting Scheme

When functional & Beautiful lighting for your space are not trading commodity but it is contemporary investment.
We believe in light and lighting need not be conventional way of buying and trading. When lighting to your space such as home, office, retail, shops, warehouse. What you need is effect of light to create good ambience and comfort to the mind.

Steps to Rental Light

1. Site accessment via the plan and site visit if require
2. Quotation of package price
3. Light delivered and install
4. Deposit & Start rolling monthly rental


From Design, Products and Services
Blox invented the new way of consuming lighting but not light. You don’t need to invest in upfront cash investment but only monthly rental fee for us to take care of lighting design, and providing lighting products as well as maintenance.


Once you register your project with us, you can leave everything to us from design of lighting to suit your space, light products, installation and maintenance. Light rental supply and install is yours at the end of the contract. We will upgrade the light at the end of the contract if you wish to upgrade and roll to the next monthly fee contract with us.

Immediate ROI

Our monthly fee is started for small deposit for and once design, supply, installation is done. We will start the monthly fee. Client ROI is ranging from 20% to 100% considering all services combine for you.